Mert Genç

Software Engineer & Fullstack Developer


Hi. My name is Mert and I'm a fullstack developer from Turkey. I graduaded from Sakarya University Computer Science in 2021. My favorite technologies right now are: React.js, Typescript, GraphQL, Node.js, Full-stack development. My English level is B2. Are you interested in me?Get in touch, I would be grateful.


Full Stack Developer

(Feb 2022 - Present)

Kocfinansman A.S

On the client side, we are developing a mobile application using React Native. On the server side, we are developing microservices using Spring Boot and Java EE. I am responsible for developing the backend and the client application.

Tech Stack

Spring Boot, Java EE, Spring Cloud Gateway, Spring Cloud Config, Spring Cloud Eureka, Rabbit MQ, AMQP, Firebase Admin SDK, ElasicSearch, Logstash, Kibana (ELK), React, TypeScript, React Native, React-Query, JUnit, Mockito, Jest, Cypress, Microservices, Oracle, MongoDB, Docker, Kubernetes, SQL, Jenkins

Full Stack Developer

(June 2021 - February 2022)


Qpien is the best solution for those who want to manage their customers from a single platform. We are building User Interfaces on frontend using React.js. As a Developer, my responsibility is to design user-friendly interfaces, make them reusable and develop the code using the best practices methods.

Tech Stack

React.js, GraphQL (Apollo Client / Server / Federation), NextJS, Micro Frontend, Micro Services, TypeScript, Node.js, Jest, Cypress, MongoDB, Express, Docker, AWS, Web Socket, Dependency Injection

Information Technology Intern

(August 2020 - September 2020)

Cekmekoy Municipality

I have gained experience in the networks of a corporate company's computers, their topology installations and the management of servers.

Tech Stack

Windows Server, CentOS, Active Directory

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